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Vacuum pumps

Rotory vane vacuum pumps are avalible in 25, 60 and 70 CFM

B-Type auto-prime pump

The B-type 150mm pump has a S/S casing,

impeller and primary tank.

 It is primed by a 70 CFM vacuum pump

and can handle solids of 25mm

GSM Double Acting Piston Pump

MB GSM Pumps are specifically designed to control groundwater levels or be used in groundwater recovery. Controlling ground water levels is a continues process during the period of construction below the static water table. The pumps are available as a 4" - 3Kw power required, or a 6" - 7.5kW required. The construction of GSM pumps is such to run for long extended periods with very low maintenance and operational costs whilst being highly efficient, reliable and service friendly. GSM pumps offer high air handling capacities.

Although primary used for wellpoint dewatering, GSM pumpscan be used for filtered water transfer, construction, civils, utilities, remediation and reclamation. 

MB 100M, 150M & 200

Three units are produced, a MB GP 100M, 150M and 200. The pumps are of a robust construction and are used for handling a wide variety of liquids. The 60cfm vacuum system ensures prompt priming. Shaft sealing is via a spring loaded packing holder retaining a PTFE packing, which is easily replaceable. Materials of construction are robust and suitable for a wide range of applications. Pumps are solid.

Typical applications:

  • Dewatering
  • Over-pumping
  • Transfer
  • Contractors general purpose
  • Sewerage handling
  • Water recovery

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